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Get Jerky is a premium product that’s enjoyed by people who want to take care of their bodies.  It’s an ideal healthy snack for when you are on the go; for sports people when they need a natural energy boost; those following a low-carbohydrate diet and a tasty treat to put in your child’s lunch box.

Our Story


In 2018 successful serial entrepreneur Arwyn Watkins OBE who has dedicated his career to furthering culinary-arts and Welsh food and drink and is the President of the Culinary Association of Wales became the owner of Get Jerky.

Using his culinary heritage, he has transformed the jerky into an Award-Winning range of unique gourmet, spicy and easy-going marinated jerkies which emphasis the quality and flavour of the Welsh meat used in our products.

We only use premium quality full traceability GI Welsh Beef, raised and reared on the lush green pastures that Wales is famous for, to give the snack its premium taste and texture.


We partnered with Wild & Game to produce an equally successful product range made with responsibly sourced wild venison under the dual brand Wild & Game and Get Jerky.


Our ambition is to take this hand-crafted artisan Welsh Beef Jerky into the mainstream snacking marketplace.  We are on a journey and always looking for valued partners in the UK and overseas to join us…


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