Jerky is a great snack for athletes: but how?

We already know it’s a super tasty source of protein, but here is what else that means…

1. Good for recovery & building muscle

Each 40g bag of Get Jerky Original Beef Jerky contains 19g of protein.

These high levels of protein provide the essential amino acids that muscles need to repair and rebuild. This not only allows you to recover from exercise, but also helps you get stronger over time.

This is a big tick for pretty much all types of athletes… including Bodybuilders, whose snacks and meals are centred around a high protein diet for crucial muscle development.

High Zinc levels in jerky also contribute to muscle strength & recovery, as well as improved sleep and increased immunity – which is particularly great for endurance athletes.

2. Energising

The body can also use protein as a source of energy.

The combination of protein, iron & zinc, which jerky delivers in bucket-loads, translates into a powerhouse for athletes.

3. Convenient

Our jerky doesn’t need to be refrigerated, comes in small, thin pouches, and is now even re-sealable – it doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

These features make it the ultimate on-the-go, high protein snack… whether you’re hitting the gym or heading off mountain biking.

Jerky is also great for the adventurer in you – where you may be heading off for a period of time so have limited access to fresh food but need your hit of protein!

4. Low calorie

A pouch of Get Jerky Original Beef jerky, for example, has 120 calories per 50g pack!

This is great news for those athletes who want to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or need to replace calories after a light workout!

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