As the summer sun heats up, we’ve teamed up with one of our very favourite spirits Aber Falls, to plan the perfect pairing for garden or picnic partying!

For year, Aber Falls have been creating the finest handcrafted Gin, Whisky & cocktails from the foot of the famous waterfalls. And with their premium taste the perfect way to add flavour to your summer, we thought there’d be nothing better than planning a gourmet picnic!

So we’ve sat down with them on a lazy weekend and paired our Welsh Beef Jerky to their variety of flavours, all for you!

Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin and Get Jerky Teriyaki 

The sharpness and the clean citrus notes of the Welsh dry gin by Aber falls work perfectly with the  slightly sweet fragrant and tangy flavours of the Get Jerky Teriyaki. Spicy notes cut through to give a perfect balance of sweetness and spice – an ideal way to start the party.

Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger & Get Jerky Black Garlic and Ginger 

The overall rounded partnership of Get Jerky Black Garlic and Ginger with the warmth of the Aberfalls Rhubarb and ginger Gin creates an explosion of aromatic spices! Fizzing with flavour, this pair gives you a sharp hit of rhubarb followed by the ginger in our Jerky to create a warming final flourish!

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade and Get Jerky Black Pepper

A refined balance of sweet and bitter orange Flavours, the Orange Marmalade gin is warm and earthy, and bouncing off the fragrant flavours of our black pepper, adds a bit of spice to the mix to tickle your taste buds. 

Aber Falls Coffee & Dark Chocolate Liqueur & Get Jerky Hot Smoked Chipotle 

A gourmet treat to finish the night, the glorious roasted coffee of the liqueur blends beautifully with the warmth of the Get Jerky Hot Smoked chipotle. The smoky jerky adds to the beautiful dark chocolate tones, creating an all round delicious velvety flavour, picking up the sweet smokey spice notes from the woodchip chipotle.

Try your own flavour mixing by heading to and come up with your own gorgeous mix of gourmet flavours!