From origin story to a journey to space… jerky isn’t just your usual, tasty snack.

  1. The origin of the word “jerky” is from “Charqui” which means “to burn meat”

The word “charqui” comes from South American native tribe, called Quechua.

The Quechua would commonly use alpaca or llama meat, which would be boned, defatted, sliced, pounded thin, rubbed with salt, and sun dried or smoked over the fire!


  1. NASA provided Space Shuttle crews with this lightweight, high protein treat in the nineties

In 1996, the jerky made its way from the Kennedy Space Centre towards Russia’s Mir Space Station, where all the crew aboard enjoyed it!


  1. Our Beef Jerky can last up to 6 months


  1. Humans aren’t the only creatures to make “jerky”

In 2008, a study by National Geographic found that red fire ants will store bits & pieces of prey just under its mound to dry, making “jerky” that is eaten when food is less abundant.


  1. June 12th is National Jerky Day

A day to celebrate all that is great about our favourite, meaty snack – why not?!


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