We’re celebrating National Butchers’ Week 2021 and the people & produce who put so much flavour into every morsel of Get Jerky! So we went to see how Romas Venys, our resident butchery expert, turns amazing Welsh beef into delicious Jerky.

Romas is our Production Manager, and with a decade plus experience as a butcher, it’s clear every slice of our Jerky sees the fruits of his skill. Living near us in Welshpool, having been a butcher for 15 years, it’s clear he’s hugely passionate about the produce & the product –

“As a butcher, I know how amazing a mix our wonderful countryside and innovative farming is. We get out what we put in – and every inch of the PGI beef we use in Get Jerky is top quality”

Romas explains that he’s careful in selecting the best cuts to make sure Get Jerky packs the protein and flavour you expect. Every joint is checked by Romas to confirm it’s PGI approved – meaning it’s the top quality Welsh meat we need.

“We use the best silverside beef – a lean & boneless cut. This means our jerky is leaner, with less fat, less calories and little waste.”

Next the fat is trimmed off the silverside – a skillful process where Romas butchers’ mastery comes in very handy. Then the beef is seamed into individual pieces, and further sliced ready for our unique flavours to be added.

The flavours of roast garlic & ginger, hot smoked chipotle, teriyaki and others combine with the beef over hours to lock in the flavour – Romas tells us the smell is just as good as the taste!

Then, after marinading and when he’s satisfied, Romas gets the Jerky ready for the cooking process and ready to slowly bake in flavour and dry the jerky to get, finally that unique Get Jerky taste!