Recipe serves 2 people


300g potato gnocchi
5g black garlic paste
10g green basil pesto
1 small oregano focaccia bread
1 bunch wild rocket salad
100g butter
100ml double cream
40g Trailhead Spicy Chilli beef jerky

How to cook

1. Place the gnocchi into boiled water and cook for 3 minutes.

2. Drain off the gnocchi, and place into a frying pan with the butter, black garlic, basil pesto and the cream

3. Cook the gnocchi until the sauce is smooth.

4. Slice the oregano focaccia and toast

5. Chop up the chilli beef jerky and add to the gnocchi

To serve

Place the toasted focaccia onto the plate then arrange the gnocchi on top, garnish with the rocket salad.

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