This weekend we are launching our brand new Wild Venison Jerky at the GWCT Welsh Game Fair!

The high protein Venison snack is joining the Get Jerky range in two of our most popular flavours, Original & Spicy Chilli.

To celebrate the new jerky, the team are heading to the three-day GWCT Welsh Game Fair, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the Vaynol Estate near Bangor from Friday until Sunday.

So, as a little hello, here are some great things about our Wild Venison Jerky:

  • Locally sourced!

All of the Venison used is from Willo Game – one of the country’s leading processors of high quality game, and less than 20 miles from Jerky HQ!

Will from Willo Game has even had a try himself, saying our meaty new snack tastes “very good!”

  • It’s wiiiild!

The meat sourced from Willo Game is truly wild… meaning nothing is farmed!

“Wild venison is by far the healthiest of all meats because deer live in a natural environment with little or no human intervention.” – Will, Willo Game

  • High protein & very lean

Venison is a high quality source of protein, is leaner & has lower saturated fat than other red meats and is rich in iron, zinc, B vitamins and essential amino acids.

This makes our new venison jerky the ultimate healthy snack for the active & adventurous!

  • It’s different!

Venison isn’t commonly used in the snacking sector, so benefits such as unique flavours, high protein, health benefits and advantages of ‘wild’ game instead of farmed, are not widely known.

Time to get trend-setting!

  • Of course, it’s tasty.

As with our Beef Jerky, the Wild Venison Jerky is marinated in our special blend of herbs and spices for up to 24 hours and air-dried using state-of-the art ovens.


Pop on over to the GWCT Welsh Game Fair this weekend, or chat to us at Lunch! 2022 Trade Show, on stand L371 next week, where our brand new jerky has been entered into the Innovation Challenge 2022!

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