We have been supporting Tom Cave and his rally adventure since 2018… so we thought you’d like to know a bit more about him and why he’s the ultimate ambassador for our jerky.

How did you get into rallying?

Like so many of today’s drivers, my introduction to rallying came from my Dad. He was a very competent driver in his own right and I used to love going to watch. He saw how keen I was and gave me the chance to get behind the wheel of a rally car when I was 13 at a local rally school. I then started competing when I was 15 in Latvia, where it’s legally possible to drive on rallies at that age.

I entered a second season over there when I was 16 and, with my birthday in November, I entered the 2008 Rally GB five days after passing my UK driving test. It means that I can claim to be the youngest driver ever to compete in a WRC event. For the record, I won Class N3 by 15 minutes!

What do you think has been your greatest achievement so far?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have finished on the podium in lots of events. I’ve won some too, and when you’re taking part in a sport that’s as competitive as rallying, winning is what it’s all about. My first international win was in 2012, when I took an outright victory on Rally Malaysia driving a Proton S2000. That was quite a moment. But, it’s the WRC events that provide the biggest challenge, as you’re up against the best in the world.

Therefore – and especially because it’s still fresh in my mind – it was the 11th overall and third in class finish on the 2019 Rally GB that I feel has been my greatest achievement so far. As well as scoring a personal best on a WRC event and cross the line 15 seconds behind former World Champion Petter Solberg, the result also brought with it Hyundai’s best result with an R5 car, the award for the first independent entry and top Welsh crew.

How has it felt to be in partnership with Trailhead Get Jerky throughout this year’s British Rally Championship, Wales Rally GB & Rali Bae Ceredigion?

It was great to be part of the Get Jerky brand from the start and to help launch the product on the 2018 Wales Rally GB. I must admit that it was quite a proud moment: A Welsh crew on a WRC event in Wales promoting a Welsh business initiative.

It was great to continue the partnership in 2019 for our British Rally Championship and Rally GB campaigns. We are extremely appreciative of the support that enabled us to achieve the results we did. It’s also been great to watch the business grow throughout the year. I would like to think that we’ve done our bit to help put Get Jerky on the map and hope the association will continue into the future.

Does keeping fit enhance your performance? If so, does jerky aid this?

Keep fit is paramount to achieving the best possible performance, whatever the sport. Rallying – like all forms of motorsport – is more competitive than ever, with the differences between the top drivers often measured in fractions of seconds. Therefore, if you can gain an advantage by being fitter – mentally and physically – than the next driver, then that’s the goal.

Eating the right things and taking on board the right amount of energy at the right time is also important, so to have a snack like Get Jerky to call on when the need arises is a great addition to my choice of on-event nourishment.

What is your favourite Trailhead Get Jerky flavour & why?

I like hot flavours with bags of taste. They give you a buzz, so it’s got to be Spicy Chilli! Try it now…