Guide to Jerky & Beer Pairings: featuring Purple Moose Brewery

What better combo for a Friday night in, than a mouth-watering pint of beer and a bag of delicious beef jerky to chow down on.

We’ve partnered up with award-winning Welsh brewery, Purple Moose Brewery, to bring you a quick guide on matching up your flavours, for a truly tasty experience.

  1. BBQ Jerky & Dark Side of the Moose

Our BBQ jerky is perfectly matched to Dark Side of the Moose – a delicious, dark ale brewed from Welsh mountain water and natural ingredients.

The delicate blend of the crystal malt, roasted barley and Bramling Hops from the ale, collaborated with the tangy, smoky BBQ flavours from the jerky, delivers a real rustic experience.

  1. Devil’s Wrath Jerky & Black Rock Stout

Our Devil’s Wrath jerky is a force to be reckoned with… an experience made only better by Purple Moose’s’ Black Rock Stout.

This smooth, rich stout will give you a much-needed break from the intense heat of our spiciest jerky yet!

  1. Spicy Chilli Jerky & Chocolate Moose

An increasingly popular combination – chilli & chocolate!

Tone down the award-winning heat of our Spicy Chilli jerky, with the indulgent chocolate and vanilla flavours in this smooth, rich stout.

  1. Teriyaki Jerky & Elderflower

By collaborating the sweet & savoury Teriyaki flavours with Purple Moose’s citrusy and floral Elderflower ale, you can bet that this combo will make sure each bite and sip is as refreshing as the last.