Take your jerky experience to the next level with these mouth-watering wine pairings… just in time to enjoy for Christmas!

Here are some of our favourite duos…

Original & Cabernet Sauvignon

A bottle of red & a perfectly seasoned steak… Sauvignons dark fruit & hard spices compliment the rich, beefy flavours in our Original jerky.

BBQ & Riesling

The sweet finish of a chilled glass of Riesling should compliment the smokey and tangy flavours in our BBQ jerky.

Black Pepper & Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is known for pairing well with earthy, smoky flavours, as such found in our Black Pepper jerky!

Spicy Chilli Jerky & Shiraz

A full-bodied Shiraz matches the fiery flavours of the Birdseye Chilli.

Hot Smoked Chipotle & Sangiovese

This hefty red wine, which boasts both fruity & earthy components, is able to compliment the smokey heat from our Hot Smoked Chipotle.

Black Garlic and Ginger Jerky & Sauvignon Blanc

A light, citrus Sauvignon balances out the rich, indulgent Black Garlic, without dulling its unique, caramel-like flavour.


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