It’s National Jerky Day tomorrow!

…and, whilst we don’t need an excuse to chow down on our delicious meaty snack, it’s the perfect time to give you a little background on the protein-packed, snack.

So, what is jerky?

Our jerky is made using responsibly-sourced, Welsh Beef, which is marinated in our very own recipes, air dried in our state of the art ovens for up to 12 hours, and hand-cut into slices to make sure each slice is perfect.

The word “jerky” is actually derived from the Spanish word charqui, which came from the Quechua (a Native South American language) word ch’arki, which means to burn (meat).

Why should I be eating jerky?

Apart from being tasty, jerky also has some superpowers under its belt too.

  • High protein (19g of protein per 40g serving) – Helps you lose fat pounds whilst retaining all important muscle mass
  • Low in carbs – Great alternative to crisps, nuts & sweets, & it will keep you fuller for longer
  • Helps boost your immune system – Jerky is high in Iron & Zinc, elements that boost the immune system, & help aid recovery post-workout!
  • Boosts brain function – Having a protein-packed start to your day can help keep you more focused, increase your alertness and decrease impulsive urges to avoid those naughty snack attacks

If all that isn’t enough, our Hot Ones could help you live longer. This claim is from a published report detailing the benefits of eating spicy food daily, particularly food rich in capsaicin, the chemical found in Chilli Peppers. Capsaicin has anti obesity, anti oxidant, anti inflammation and cancer fighting properties.

How can jerky can be eaten?

  • Healthy snack
  • Post-workout dose of Protein
  • Recipes – grated, sliced or blended… each of our 8 flavours hold their own unique blend of spices, to give your meal a makeover.

Where can I get jerky?

We have Stockists all over the UK, or you can get it delivered directly to your doorstep via our online store.

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