Yes it’s true, Jerky is good for you – especially if your new years resolution is to get fit for 2019!

Over the next few months, our mission (alongside jerky world-domination) is to spread the word about the health benefits of Jerky, so that we can help you live your best life & #FindYourStrength.

So, how is Jerky healthy you say? Well, here are the basics…

1) High in Protein:

Our bags of jerky contain 25.5g of Protein per a single pack of 50g! This is good news because, in addition to regular exercise, doubling your protein may be the key to losing fat pounds whilst retaining that all important muscle mass.

2) Low in Carbs:

This, alongside being high in protein, means when chowing down some jerky after a workout, you should feel more fulfilled & sustained – avoiding those brutal snack attacks! This also means that it is the perfect alternative to crisps, sweets & nuts.

3) Contains those all important health minerals – Iron & Zinc:

These elements are amazing for boosting the immune system, especially when out & about during these chilly winter nights. They additionally help aid recovery – keeping your performance, body & mind in tip top condition!

4) No Naughties! 

Unlike some other Jerky brands, ours is free from those naughty additives… including no artificial flavours & colours, no nitrites & nitrates, and no MSG.

 So whether you’re aiming to bulk up, lose weight or just stay fit & healthy, we have just the thing for you – no excuses, time to #GetJerky 🙂