Simply put, PGI means the guarantee that the distinctive flavour of Welsh beef that is lovingly used in our jerky, is unique.

From our rich grass, clean air & mountain streams and the blend of traditional & innovative farming practise, Welsh beef is reared uniquely – giving it the distinctive flavour that PGI – Protected Geographical Indication – recognises.

Like Parma Ham or Dutch Gouda – PGI recognises the characteristics that make the finest in food across the world,

Its’ mark guarantees that the production, processing and preparation of the food is of the highest quality. And that’s what goes into every fibre of our Get Jerky products, making it the protein-packed, flavour-filled snack it is.

The European Commission awards PGI, given to only the best foods in order to protect and promote high-quality regional food products – that have a reputation or certain characteristics specific to that area.

PGI status is made up of a combination of things: Farming practices, Environment, and Traceability.

With PGI guidelines you can trace your meat all the way from farm to fork.

You can find out how it was reared and what country it was produced in. In addition to this, it also helps promote local and agricultural activity and gives you the awareness of knowing your meat is from the best place.

We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our quality Welsh beef comes from, knowing it’s prepared and packaged with the most care possible to produce super scrummy Jerky. All the good stuff that goes in, means you get  Beef Jerky that contains 19g of protein per pack,  aids recovery after physical activity,  is low-fat at just 119 calories per pack and of course, is completely delicious.

From Welsh grass to your hard graft, we’ve got you covered, time to get Jerky