We gave seasoned adventurer, mountaineer, paragliding pilot AND instructor, Dayne Stone, our beef jerky to test out whether it really is the “power snack” of choice… this is how he got on.

“I’ve always loved to travel! Growing up, my parents were the type to pick me and my brothers up from school and rush us off to the coast or hills where we would explore and play amongst nature until sunset. Nowadays, nothing’s changed. I just replaced school for work, and hills with mountains (among other things and places).

“I extensively travel around the UK exploring natural wonders, abandoned building and climbing hills and mountains. Each place I visit I document on my adventure map so others can visit the spots I have found. After my first year doing this I started finding secret spots in other countries, abandoned cities, shipwrecks and other exciting things, visiting and documenting those too!

“During a mountaineering trip in Switzerland where I was climbing up the Eiger at around 3900m (13,000ft), a paraglider pilot was thermalling up to the point where he was as high as I was! I was transfixed at how a piece of unpowered aircraft which fits in a rucksack could carry a person to such staggering altitudes. After that I decided to teach myself how to fly.

“I was first introduced to Trailhead jerky at ZipWorld Rocks, a music event located at the world’s fastest zipline in North Wales. After nabbing a few samples and chatting to Katie from Trailhead about my gliding she gave me a few packs which sparked my love for the snack.

“Returning to Switzerland this year to climb the Mönch and fly among some of the tallest mountains in the Alps 4000m+, I was prepping my gear when Trailhead crossed my mind. I thought of how I could get a high protein food which didn’t require any prep, and could be carried up a mammoth mountain with ease. Check, check and check.



“Despite living an adventure-filled life, I’m not very out-there with my food choices, usually opting for mild over spicy. However, after trying their whole range I’ve enjoyed them all (even the ‘Spicy Chilli’), particularly their BBQ which isn’t traditionally flavoured like all other jerkys but instead boasts its own unique combination of flavours.

“Since returning from the Swiss and French Alps I’ve been asked if Jerky was a good choice of ‘power snack’ by peers and others who climb a lot of big things regularly and I’ve had to recommend it to them all. After you’ve packed your paraglider, harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons and climbing rope Trailhead’s jerky can literally cram into anywhere with little weight being added. Meaning I could reach into my bag at anytime en route up the mountains, on the glaciers and even in the sky.”

So there we have it folks, your ultimate adventurer-approved POWER snack.