We put a lot of effort into making sure our jerky is super high quality, but what exactly makes our jerky premium?

Here’s just a few reasons why we think our jerky is the BEST.


PGI Welsh Beef

PGI is a stamp of approval for quality before tasting.

As we produce our jerky with our very own hands, we want to ensure that all elements of our product are of the highest quality, including the core ingredient… BEEF!

The PGI status not only guarantees quality, but means we can guarantee authenticity, integrity & traceability too.

Learn more about PGI here

Hand-finished & bespoke recipes

Our team put a lot of effort into producing our premium beef jerky – from testing & perfecting each marinade, to slicing each piece by hand!

It’s good for you!

  1. High Protein – With each bag containing up to 19g of protein, this can help you lose fat pounds whilst retaining all-important muscle mass.
  2. Contains all important health minerals: Iron & Zinc – These elements are great for boosting the immune system & help to aid recovery.
  3. Carefully selected ingredients – Our Black Garlic & Ginger Beef Jerky is particularly great for your health… the Black Garlic can help improve brain health, whereas the Ginger is great for reducing your muscle soreness!

Great-Taste Award Winning – the stamp of approval!

A Great Taste Award is one of the world’s most coveted blind-tasted food awards.

In 2015, our Black Pepper Beef Jerky gave us the first taste of the award. The flavour represented the love we put into our Jerky and after getting such good reviews and feedback in the USA on we wanted to prove quality products existed closer to home.

This award was followed by two more in 2016, for our iconic Original Beef Jerky & punchy Spicy Chilli Beef Jerky!

Most recently, our Spicy Chilli beef jerky was once again rewarded for its taste – meaning judges dubbed our handmade jerky a food that delivers fantastic flavour!