When we set out to make the best quality beef Jerky around, to us, that means making it fit for any and everyone! That’s why we ensure the way our jerky gets produced makes all of it gluten free!

Like many with allergens, those with Coeliac – that’s the medical name for your immune system reacting to gluten in a damaging way – struggle with finding gourmet snacks that suit their diet. With gluten in so many processed foods, grains, breads & other snacks, it can be hard to find snacks that suit, even in some supermarkets.

That’s not the case with Get Jerky though, as all our products are gluten free.

Gluten is a bunch of proteins found in grains that make up so much of food that is widely produced – such as wheat, rye & barley. It’s called gluten because of the glue-like nature of it – it’s the stuff that makes bread & other foodstuffs elastic. But for those who are coeliac, it can mean lots of uncomfortable symptoms.

As well as being in bread, beers & other foodstuffs, gluten is often found in sauces & marinades used to flavour meat, including Jerky. Many marinades contain gluten in their ingredients (dried meat itself is always gluten free!), and means loads of Jerky brands are not gluten free.

Luckily – that is not the case with Get Jerky. All 8 of our flavours are suitable for gluten free diets – packing only the right proteins that everyone wants to power their day.