If you’re looking for a tasty source of protein, & a snack that just keeps on giving when it comes to your health… look no further!

Whilst all of our flavours of jerky are high in protein & low in carbs… our Black Garlic & Ginger Jerky holds some pretty amazing health extras, to make it the ultimate partner in a healthy lifestyle.

Why might Black Garlic be good for you?

  • Helps balance Blood Sugar levels. The high amounts of antioxidants in the ingredient have been linked to preventing diabetes complications, and reductions in blood cholesterol.
  • Benefits your Heart. Black Garlic is all-around great for your heart… from supporting your cardiovascular function, to improving circulation.
  • Improves Brain Health. The antioxidants in Black Garlic can also reduce inflammation in the brain, helping you to maintain a good memory.

Why might Ginger be good for you?

  • Helps your Digestive System. Ginger is well known for being very effective in easing discomfort in the digestive system, as it helps to calm your stomach and stave off bloating!
  • May reduce muscle pain & soreness. Worked out too hard? Some studies say that consuming Ginger on a daily basis may be effective at reducing the day-to-day progression of muscle pain!
  • Fights off those nasties. Some of the chemicals in fresh Ginger can help your body ward off germs… being especially good at halting the growth of bacteria!

Grab your bag of Black Garlic & Ginger: