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Ahead of Wales Strongest Woman this weekend, we’ve been getting to know a few competitors!

When and why did you decide to take part in the Wales Strongest Woman competition?

I have been training in Strongman/strongwoman style training for just over a year. I have done a few small scale events but as soon as I heard about this competition, and especially as it is in my local area, I entered on the day it was released before I chickened out. The why has to be the prospect of the huge challenge, I believe in setting myself huge challenges and this certainly lives up to that.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

I have set myself major challenges in the last few years. I ran the Disney Princess Glass Slipper challenge (19.3 miles) in Florida, I have completed over 100 obstacle/mud runs, summited Kilimanjaro and last year completed the Everest Base Camp trek. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

Strongwoman specific – I’m pretty new to this sport so every competition is a huge achievement. If I had to pick one though it would be my 3rd place at Liverpool last year. It was just 6 weeks from winning a novice competition and the step up was quite a jump into the open category, to come 3rd was a big deal to me.

Do you think eating correctly is key to performing well?

I really believe in this and concentrate on balancing my diet as I quickly feel the effects if I don’t fuel myself properly.

Would you add beef jerky to your diet to help aid your performance?

I eat a high protein diet to aid muscle repair and jerky is a very convenient high protein source. Snacking fits in better than large meals for my busy lifestyle and the portable solution that jerky offers me is great.


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