Here is Nicky Walters, a competitor at this weekends Wales Strongest Woman, discussing her journey into fitness & jerky.

When and why did you decide to take part in the Wales Strongest Woman competition?

I tried to lose weight for a few months so I joined a group of women that were in a similar situation to me. However the weight was slow to come off and I started getting addicted to how much I could push my body, how much weight I could lift. I got a buzz out of being able to lift more than I could the week before. I got into strongwoman in January 2018 and I had my first competition in august 2018 which I won. I came 3rd in Wales Strongest Woman last year and I aim to keep my title or better it.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement is coming 3rd in Wales Strongest Woman 2019, and also 9th at Britains Strongest Woman whilst having a torn anterior deltoid.

Do you think eating correctly is key to performing well?

For me and other competitors, eating is a big part of our daily routine. Without getting all our nutrients in it can affect our training, which can then affect our progress to get competition ready.

Would you add beef jerky to your diet to help aid your performance?

Trying to get different varieties of protein in during the day is a bit hard, beef jerky is fantastic for this.