Whilst protein is most popularly known for supporting and building muscle, it’s less known that it can boost our brain function too!

…and the good news for you, is that our jerky is packed with the stuff!

Our bags contain up to19g of protein per 40g serving, so look no further for your ultimate lockdown study buddy.

So, how does it boost brain function, you ask?

  1. Reduces reward-driven eating

Kicking off your day with a protein-packed breakfast can lead to decreased activity in the reward centres of the brain.

This means your brain can concentrate on studying, instead of getting distracted by those mid-morning snack attacks.

  1. Increases your alertness

When you consume protein, it raises levels of an amino acid called tyrosine, which prompts the brain to create norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemical messengers head straight to your brain, increasing your alertness and activity – exactly what you need for a full day of Zoom classes!

  1. That “full-feeling” lasts longer

Once the protein reaches your small intestine, it causes the release of cholecystokinin. This travels up to your brain and acts as an appetite suppressant, allowing your brain less space to dream of high calorie naughties, and more space to solve that tricky math equation.

  1. Decreases impulsive urges

Protein also helps control ghrelin – a hormone which increases hunger and impulsivity, and reduces decision making.

By eating a wholesome meal or snack, packed with protein, your ghrelin levels will stay low, keeping your brain focused on proper decision making!


Time to grab a bag of our tasty, premium jerky, and ace your day!