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In 2018, foodie entrepreneur Arwyn Watkins OBE, who has dedicated his career to promoting culinary-arts and Welsh food & drink and is the President of the Culinary Association of Wales, became the owner of Get Jerky.

Using his culinary expertise, he has transformed our jerky into an Award-Winning range of unique gourmet, spicy and easy-going marinated snacks, which emphasise the quality and flavour of the Welsh meat used in our products.

Our beefy snack is made from premium quality, fully traceable PGI Welsh Beef, raised and reared on the lush green pastures of Wales, to give the snack its premium taste and texture.

In 2022, our Wild Venison jerky joined the collection – we partnered with Wild & Game to create an equally successful range made with responsibly sourced wild venison under the dual brand Wild & Game and Get Jerky.

Our ambition is to take this hand-crafted artisan Welsh Beef Jerky into the mainstream snacking marketplace.

We are on a journey and always looking for valued partners in the UK and overseas to join us!

Our Blog

"It’s great to have a snack handy on the road that I can reseal. Running and tackling Wales’ mountains, it’s vital to get carbohydrates & protein within 20 minutes for maximum effect. Get Jerky allows me to get my protein needs straight away - and it tastes great too!.”

Andrew Davies, Welsh International Marathon Runner


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